Hatem Kakish e Sonia Deidda

Sonia Deidda born in Cagliari, in 2000 began her professional career as a tango dancer. Has
Participated in numerous tango events and festivals as a dancer and teacher (Ibiza, Berlin, London, Marseille). Since 2007 he has founded and directed the Scuola di Rosso in Cagliari, where he teaches for 7 years, creating the annual edition of the Rosso Tango Art Festival, which curates for 6 editions. Since 2013 he works at the Mariana Montes Tango Club as a teacher and
Hatem Kakish, born in Amman, opened his tango school in his native city in 2013
In 2017 if you transfer to
Cagliari to work at the Mariana Montes Tango Club.
Since 2017 they dance together, Their dance is characterized by elegance and expressiveness, and their teaching aimed at the transmission of a strong basic technique but above all the transmission of the passion for this dance that animates them.