Luca Morale & Francesca Santangelo

Dance together since 2011.They are the Artistic Directors of the El Rio del Tango Academy.
In 2016 they are Italian champions ‘Tango escenario’ Preliminar Oficial de Tango BA Mundial de Baile 2016
In 2016 they are sworn in the metropolitan league of Puglia, Campania and Basilicata and for the metropolitan league of Lazio and Abruzzo.
In 2015 they are Italian vice champions ‘Tango de Pista’, Campeonato Preliminar Oficial de Tango BA Mundial de Baile 2015.
In 2015 they are vice champions Tango escenario of the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe ‘Tango Acropolis’.
They took part and danced for several Argentine tango companies and shows: the “Tango Rouge Company” by Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones “Tango en eros” curated by Tango Acropolis. “Revelacion” by Adriano Mauriello. “El Ultimo Tango” by the “Flores Alma” orchestra.
Currently they are the artistic directors of the “El Rio del Tango Academy” in Naples.