Marco Pasini e Mariana Bettariga
Marco and Mariana have been dancing together since 2013. Italian tango champions 2018 and third classified in tango de pista 2016.
They were summoned to form part of the Cast de performances including “Tiempo de Tango” for the farewell to the scenes of Maestro Juan Carlos Copes summoned by M ° Miguel Angel Zotto as a pair of appearance and in various Tango companies including the ” TANGO ENCUENTRO “by M ° Angel Coria, the” TANGO ROUGE COMPANY “by Yanina Quinones and Neri Piliù, in the company” HISTORIA DE AMOR “by the producer Luigi Pignotti and finally in the company” EL CXUCE “by Vanessa Villalba and Facundo Pinero 2018 also held stable courses at each level in the province of Brescia and Verona.