Vito Raffanelli e Giorgia Rossello

They are Italian Champions of Tango Escenario 2014 and Italian Vice Champions of Tango Salon 2014. They are finalists at the Mundial 2011 in Buenos Aires (18th place).

2014. Finalists at the European Championships 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. They are judges of the Metropolitan Championships of Rome and organizers of the Metropolitan Championship Puglia – Basilicata – Campania.

As teachers they have succeeded in differentiating themselves for the quality of their teaching, as dancers for the elegance and fluidity of the movements, for interpretation and musicality. In a short time they have won the esteem of the most experienced and successful public nationally and internationally, confirming themselves among the most requested Italian couples of the moment. They have participated in numerous festivals in Italy (Tango Trani Festival 2017 – 2018, Bari Tango Congress, Tango Emotion, Easter Tango Festival at Monticelli Terme 2017 – 2018, Tango Cuento International Festival, Last Tango in Bologna, Bologna Tango Encuentro 2019, Capotango Parma 2018) as well as abroad (Milonga Del Tiempo De Antes (Russia, Moscow) Vulkan Tango Congress (Hungary) Tango Festival Maspalomas (Canary Islands).

They are part and have danced for several companies and shows of Argentine tango: 

Revelacion Tango by A. Mauriello, Tango Colores

Tropea in Tango, A Tango for Rossini, Malevaje Tango, Tangos de Ida y vuelta, El Cxuce Tango Rome / Palermo (Golden Theater), Tango on air “International Bari Tango Congress” by S. Arce – Teatro Ariston Sanremo

They danced on TV

Rai 1 – Galatango

Channel 5 – Friends of Maria de Filippi

TG4 on the occasion of the milestone in the world championship in Buenos Aires Telenorba – “Good afternoon”